Extra Credit

Extra Credit – 10/13/15

The development of technology has come an extremely long way compared to where it started out. It has evolved and completely surrounds us in the world that we live in today. In today’s society, there is little to nothing that doesn’t run on technology anymore. When Mr. Reeder made us do the project that involved going twenty four hours without technology, it definitely opened my eyes to the world that we rarely notice because we always have our noses in our phones. I noticed that people hardly ever put there phones down when walking to and from class, or even at the grocery store, whether they are using their phones for recipes or simply just cant put it down for twenty min to shop for the items they need. People cant drive without looking at their phones, and as dangerous as it is I realized that that was something that I too struggle with. I never realized how many times I actually check my phone while I am driving for either an incoming text that I might not have heard arrive, or seeing if I had gotten a recent like on Instagram. So many car wrecks in this generation are caused from texting and driving, yet almost everyone in America is guilty of doing this at least once in their life. Because of how much we depend on our cell phones, it is hard to put it down for ten seconds without feeling anxiety because its not in your hands. Although the younger generation is mostly guilty of this, my parents and my grandparents have grown accustomed to cell phones and have also grown attached to having it on their hip all the time. Cell phones and “smart” phones have made a huge impact on the world around us and the society that we live in because of how easily accessible everything is right at our finger tips.

When I was a child me and my friends played outside all the time. If we weren’t climbing trees or tumbling in the grass we were playing soccer, or riding our bikes around our town, or doing anything but being inside watching tv. Tv back when we were kids was the biggest form of technology that we engaged in. Now, there are three year olds with iPads and kids don’t want to do anything that involves them going outside and breaking a sweat. They are developing no imagination or creativity because technology is doing it for them. Parents are also giving their kids these items to “prevent bad behaviors”. The other night I went out to eat with my family, and there was a family sitting next to us with three children. All three of the kids were under the age of ten and they all three had ipads or tablets. The whole time they sat and played games on their gadgets and never even looked up to order their drinks because their parents did it for them. I also just recently found out that my little brother, who is thirteen years old, has twitter, facebook, and instagram. My mom has been so worried about his behavior because he is thirteen and using bad language, he claims he is “in love” with a girl, and is becoming a bully to other kids. When I went to creep on his social media sites I realized that it has something to do with the people he follows and the people who follow him. Kids are introduced to bad influences sooner because of the things they see on social media or in songs that are broadcasted everywhere. They are familiar with sex and drugs by the time they are in elementary school and it is bringing up the new generation into a world that they can do whatever they want because the media tells them they can.

Another way that technology has changed my world is by the friends I have and don’t have. Because of social media and the fact that we are never not around it, has made it easy to pick and choose who your friends are. What people post on Instagram, Facebook, and twitter shows a great deal about their personality and the way that they represent themselves. If a girl that I am acquaintances with posts pictures of her half naked holding a bottle of alcohol, I know that she is not someone that I need or want to hang out with. Social media and the convenience of our smart phones that lets us access it, shapes the friendships that we have before we even meet the person sometimes. The material that we post on social media also effects our future careers. Jobs are now looking at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to check the content that we post and share to make sure that we are setting good examples of that company. Which honestly, is a reoccurring problem that companies and organizations have to face with employees that are social media fanatics.

Going beyond the obvious uses of technology that we consume everyday, technology has reached beyond the average and common uses. For example, we now have technology in our beds. They make beds now that can be controlled by a remote. It is aired and heated to your side of the bed, it can be raised and lowered to your comfort, and now it can help stop you from snoring. People will stop at nothing to get the “new” and “updated” version of whatever is coming out next. Like the iPhones, they will never stop creating a new and better version than the last. Also, every new phone will have some crazy never seen before feature that you can only get from the next iPhone. There are now cars that can “drive itself”. All you have to do is type in the destination that you are wanting to go to and the car will drive you to that destination. It has sensors all around the car that can tell how close it is to the car next to it. Going even simpler than that, on our amazing smart phones our GPS can tell us where to go anywhere around the globe and can show us many different routs on how to get there. It tells us how long it should take us, how many feet until we need to turn, and what time we should be arriving to that destination. It is crazy how much technology we are surrounded by in our every day life that has impacted us in ways that we could never live without now that we have it.

My mother has been incarcerated for two years, and she was completely shocked at how much technology has shaped the world we live in since she has been away from it all. There were a few things that just amazed her that sometimes we wouldn’t even take a double look at. She couldn’t believe that now when she goes to Fire House Subs, she has to use a touch screen to pick the drink she wants and can get it in any flavor. When we went to Chilies she couldn’t believe that the ticket is on a touch screen where you can pay, choose a tip, and it prints you out a receipt. She was completely shocked. For the people that are being released from prison, they are having a very hard time adjusting to today’s lifestyle and having to learn the ways of technology in order to live. I have heard many cases in which people never adjust to the new world we live in because of how much technology has evolved and they think that suicide is the only answer. Just like in the movie “The Shawshank Redemption”, the old librarian, Brooks, had been in prison practically his whole life. When the released him from prison it was around the time of 1950’s. There were vehicles, stop lights, and just the very beginning of technology was about. He wrote a suicide note to his fellow inmates explaining how he could not adjust nor live in the world that he was now introduced to. He then hung himself because of how hard it was. That was almost over seventy years ago. The world we live in now is so much more advanced and everything is so much more accessible. Technology in all areas are growing much faster, which makes the people who are newly introduced to it all, harder to adjust and learn.

I heard on a news broadcast the other day about a new hotel that just opened up in China that is completely ran by robots. There is not a single human that has a job in that hotel because everything is ran on the most high tech technology. The evolution of technology has made this world so much easier to live in because of the convenience it provides for us, but I am afraid that it will start to make this world a lot harder to live in as well. The convenience of technology is starting to take away jobs because it does the work for you, and it is much harder to pick a field to go into without having to learn everything about the technology you will have to be dealing with. Also, if you don’t know how to effectively use the technology that is provided for that job, then your job is on the line. So what jobs is technology going to take over next? I’m sure by the time we are old, there will be no need for teachers because everyone will be using tablets and iPads. I’m sure that people will eventually forget how to write because there will be no need for paper. Everything will eventually be on a screen. It is scary to think that our world keeps on growing through technology and they will never stop trying to figure out how to make every physical thing we do just a step easier through technology.

On a lighter note, technology has completely shaped the medical field. Without the technology advancement in the medical field, a lot more people would die sooner and there would be no cure to any sicknesses. It also would of made the transferring of the research of the cure impossible. For example, when someone has a brain injury and gets to the point that they are considered a “vegetable”. The first thing they do is try to find a solution/cure to the problem using mainly, if not exclusively technology. Then they hook the person to life support which is all technological and this keeps them alive until they are taken off. Another example of how medical technology has improved medicine is on a much smaller scale. Say that I am sick and go to a doctor and get prescribed medicine. I can use my phone to place my order for my prescription at a pharmacy. I then can go to the pharmacy and it will act as if I stood in line to get my medicine prescribed to me. This action also works in a lot of other businesses to avoid inconvenience. There is little to nothing that cant be fixed in our body due to the technology in the medical field. I know that no matter what illness I get or no matter what bone I break, there is some type of cure through the technology that has been evolved today that can help me and make me better.

In my perspective, technology has completely changed the world in every way. Some ways are good and some ways are bad, but at the end of the day we could not live without technology and the advancements it has made over time. I am thankful for the generation I live in and how everything that we do is easily accessible in every aspect. I am able to do everything in life with ease and I know that where my instincts lack, I know that technology will pick up for the rest. And for that, I am forever grateful for technology.