Fox Sports

The biggest surprise of all from the Heart of Texas bowl was that we were on TV! The game was being broadcasted live from Fox sports network! It has always been my dream to cheer on TV and I did without ever knowing it. It was super exciting when one of my friends sent me this picture saying that o was on TV! I know that I was making a silly face in this picture. I was probably in the middle of saying, “let’s go tech!” It’s super cool knowing that I got to fulfill my dream. I’m super sad that my parents didn’t get to watch. Especially my dad since I’m his only kid and he loves it that I got to do stuff like this. 

Fox sports – http://www.greatamericanconference.com/news/2015/11/30/FB_1130154229.aspx

Making good faces on tv – http://boardroompr.com/putting-on-a-good-face-for-tv-reporters/


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