Throwback about 25 years

My parents have been divorced for almost 16 years now. My grandmother sent me this picture today and it put a smile on my face. Seeing that my parents used to be so incredibly happy at one time just amazes me. It makes me happy. I sent this picture to my mom, who is going through a rough depression, said that the picture made her smile and made her think of the happiest time in her life. It is bitter sweet because I know how happy they once were but I know that everything happens for a reason! It’s good to see that they didn’t end thinking that their marriage was completely terrible. It’s heart warming knowing that they were both crazy in love at one point and thy are quick to admit it. 

Importance of taking pics growing up – http://www.babycenter.ca/a1024809/capturing-and-preserving-memories-of-your-child

Problems of divorced parents – http://mom.me/parenting/6576-effect-divorced-parents-childs-future-relationships/


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