Best Dad Award

I know everyone thinks that their parents are the best parents in the world when they make posts about them. It’s almost like a contest sometimes on who’s parent is “actually” the best. My dad is one of those I would through in the contest. My dad is so goofy and so full of love all the time. I am an only child and he toughens me up like a big brother and loves me and spoils me like the daddies girl I am. He is constantly building character in me and I can’t imagine having any other dad. He teaches me everything a boy should know about cars, fishing, and how to shoot a gun. He’s got the parenting thing down right. His birthday was last week and I wish I could have put it into words how much he means to me but words just can’t match the feeling. I really do have the best dad ever. 

Qualities of a father – http://familyshare.com/9-qualities-of-a-good-father

Perks of being a daddy’s girl – http://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/25-amazing-things-about-being-daddys-girl.html


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