SGA Senator!

I am super excited to be apart of SGA this year as one of the Sophomore Senators. I honestly did it because I knew it would look good on a resume. Someone told me that you don’t even do much, but I soon realized that it actually does a lot on campus. We have many events that we are apart of and have to volunteer to help at. I’m actually really glad that it gives me the opportunity to meet new people and get more involved on campus. I have met a lot of well respected faculty on campus and it’s good to get a good reputation out there to the people who matter. 

SGA Arkansas Tech – https://www.atu.edu/ozark/sga.php

Importance of being involved on campus – http://www.usnews.com/education/blogs/twice-the-college-advice/2011/09/13/5-reasons-for-getting-involved-in-college-and-how-to-go-about-it


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