Give us girls some credit

The sayings of “you throw like a girl” or “you hit like a girl” could be insulting to some women, but not to me. I take more offense of “you sure you can carry that?” Or anything that insults my strength. Just because I am a girl does not mean I can hold my own weight, or as referred to the picture, someone else’s weight. I can do what most guys can’t, so my strength should never be questionable. I know that in some instances girls don’t have the hands on strength that guys do, but I sure do know how to control and handle my strength better than some guys can too. Cheerleading has taught me how to use my strength and how to handle control two bodies at once. I believe because of cheer, I would know how to defend myself in any instance. My strength should never be underestimated because I bet I can use my strength better than most men.

Abstract difference of gender strength – http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/8477683/

Strength of cheerleading – http://kbandstraining.com/cheerleading-stunts-improve-scale-balance-strength/


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