Social media advertising 

About a month ago, I got a sweet little puppy that has filled my heart with joy. A local business owner from my home town posted on Instagram and Facebook that she found a litter of puppies that needed a good home. My parents just bought a new home so it was a great opportunity to get one! I used to think that people who posted things on the Internet to get rid of their stuff, was lazy because they wouldn’t go out and do anything about it. But then I realized that getting rid of things by posting it on social media was the fastest and most productive way. People online shop more and more every year and now it’s one of the most common ways of shopping. If it wasn’t for social media shopping, I would have never seen the post about my sweet new puppy, Kali. 

Online shopping stats – http://theamericangenius.com/business-news/online-shopping-increasingly-popular-here-are-the-freshest-stats/

Social media boutiques advertising – http://www.web-strategist.com/blog/2010/12/21/trend-how-social-media-boutiques-are-winning-deals-over-traditional-digital-agencies/


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