First Rude Ettiquette Encounter

During Mass Communications yesterday, we talked about different cultures and their way of communicating. We talked about people from different countries and how different their culture is from ours. After that class yesterday I went straight to my Speech communications class. There is a lady from Africa in that class and what I came to discover about her ettiquette was not what I expected. Many times she spoke out of context, made rude remarks to the class and the professor, and said “I hate you all” under her breath many times to the class. Now, I don’t know much about Africa and its culture because there aren’t many here in the state of Arkansas, but just by the way she acted in class and her attitude and loud spoken out way of communication made it easy to infer that the African culture is not near as friendly as the American culture. 

(https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Etiquette_in_Africa) – African etiquette

(http://www.southern-style.com/manners_and_etiquette.htm) – Southern Ettiquette  



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